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ICT Days – Orizzonti 2016 Partnership

Be a Partner of ICT Days – Orizzonti 2016

To be a Partner at this year's ICT Days – Orizzonti 2016 means being among the principal actors of the Trentino innovation system called on to promote system innovation in our society and contribute to the transformation of our territory into a "knowledge economy" competitive at a global level.

5 Reasons to Become a Partner of ICT Days – Orizzonti 2016

1.      To take part in the vision that social innovation, enabled by ICT, grows our collective knowledge about the potential that changes can offer our society and the territory;

2.      To inform, involve and transform society spreading a new culture of innovation by beginning with the true protagonists in this story: youths;

3.      To have the possibility to create new collaborations and long term relationships with the key innovation actors in the territory;

4.      To reinvigorate already existent ties and synergies, sending a positive message of cohesion in the society of Trentino;

5.      To participate actively in the creation of the event, proposing exceptional speakers and topics in the ICT field.

For all of the details on the ICT Days – Orizzonti 2016 Partnership download the PDF "Accordo di Partnership".