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ICT Days – Orizzonti 2016 is the major innovation event of the year organized by Trento RISE in collaboration with its founding partners FBK and the University of Trento, involving all of the components of the Trentino ecosystem of innovation: from public administration to the research world, from business to public figures, from students to citizens. This is because innovation is collective: it takes place together.

What is ICT?

ICT, acronym for “Information and Communication Technology”, is the integrated science that concerns information processing, transformation and transmission systems. Essentially it encompasses all the technologies that enable information processing and exchange.

ICT includes several areas, such as computer science, electronics, and telecommunications. It is at the foundation of today’s technological evolution, and is integral to today’s economy, industrial production, and everyday life.

Why Orizzonti 2016?

Our event looks to the future. Our future and that of our children but without forgetting the past. The ICT Revolution will have an impact comparable to that of the Industrial Revolution, radically transforming the way in which we work, travel, communicate and live. ICT Days – Orizzonti 2016 wants to equip citizens for the changes of the near future, taking advantage of opportunities, winning the challenge, and improving the quality of life for everyone.

Who can participate?

ICT is the smartphone that we carry in our pocket. The laptop that we use every day. Our Facebook profile and our email account. This is why ICT Days – Orizzonti 2016 involves everyone, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, administrators, and citizens, the true protagonists of the Trentino innovation ecosystem.

Past editions: